ningbo jinfeng sports equipment co., LTD. Was established in March 1996, is a professional production of skates, skateboards, helmets, protective equipment of all kinds of sports leisure supplies enterprises.The company is located in ningbo cixi longshan industrial park, near beilun port;Ningbo airport to the south;West to Shanghai, hangzhou, ningbo highway;Hangzhou bay bridge to the north.The geographical position is superior, sea, land, air traffic is convenient, is Shanghai, hangzhou, ningbo three metropolis economic take-off interchange.

company through strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system standards, established a set of complete quality management system, from the product design, manufacturing, testing to the whole process of sales are implemented strict quality control, to ensure the quality of products, for the company's smooth operation to provide a reliable platform.The company is committed to the continuous improvement and innovation of management and technology, and has formed the corporate culture of ensuring quality, improving quality and teamwork in daily work.

with the continuous improvement of consumers' aesthetic standards, as well as the increasing demand for roller skates, the company attaches more and more importance to the manufacturing process of products.The appearance of the product and the material of the product are strictly selected to lay the foundation for high-end products.The company has professional equipment and technical team to research and develop new products, production line staff through strict technical and psychological quality training, and strive to present a perfect product.

beautiful company environment creativity comes from loose environment, our company actively learn from other excellent companies, to create more relaxed and comfortable office environment for employees.Let the creativity of employees play better. At present, our company roller skating ice and snow sports has covered the limit projects, products are leisure rollerblading, disciplin rollerblading, speed, rollerblading, ice skates, skateboard, vigor board, etc... caxa JINFENG roller skating always adhere to the "high quality, high cost performance" at the same time, the "populist price, the principle of small profit" lasting support the development of China's roller skating industry, leading more people to participate in the roller skating movement.